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How to register yourself on UP-NRI Web Portal?

You can register yourself from the Menu named "Online Registration” laid under "Connect with Us” Menu.


OR you can click on "Become a Member” from the homepage to access the registration form.

Become a Member

What are the key points needs to be taken care before filling NRI Registration form?

For UP-NRI Portal Registration user has to take care below things.

The fields are marked with * are mandatory so user has to fill them with proper and correct data.

The other fields are optional (that is already mention with optional word).

The Date of Birth should be in DD-MM-YYYY format only. You can fill it using Calendar which is automatically pops up when you click on Birth Date text filed.

Applicant's Basic Details

The "User's Present Contact Information” it’s the most important information for NRI Department. By using these information the NRI Department can verify your details as necessary and do further process.

Present Contact Information

Registration Details are used for user's login purpose and required correct email address and password that must be between 8-20 characters.

Registration Details

User has to fill proper captcha validation code as shown in the Image below.

Verification Code

Once you submit the form you will get auto generated unique reference number on Screen and on your registered email Address. Now you are the registered NRI on UPNRI Website.

NRI Register Number

Below email you will receive on Successful Registration

Email Verification

What is "Present Contact Information" in User Registration?

"Present Contact Information” is user's current address's information.

Using these information the Department can get the information regarding to user's present contact details.

Present Contact Information

In this form once user will select the country from the country drop down then after system automatically display the states belongs to selected country and if user will be able to get the his / her state name. And after selecting the proper state system will display the cities belongs to the selected state.

If you are not be able to get your State/City in the list then you can select "Other” that is listed at the last of the list. So once user will select the other from the list then system allow user to input his State/City name in the textbox.

So by this way user can insert his Present Contact Information while filling the form.

What is "Registration Details” in User Registration form?

It is for login purpose, user needs to feel the email address and the password that will be used for login purpose and to access the web application to Apply for the NRI Card.

Registration Details

What is NRI Card and what are the terms and conditions to apply for Online NRI Card?

This Card is issued by the NRI Department to NRIs/PIOs belongs to Uttar Pradesh.It’s Paid Card and there is 500 Rs. To be paid online to avail this card.

NRI card will be issued by the department after the verification of the application and all details provided, which would be sent on the applicant’s registered e-mail id and could be printed in hard copy from there. Once you applied for the card you can see its status as well on website by login in using your username (email id used while registration) and password.

Terms and conditions for NRI Card Application

  • This card is not transferable to any other person.
  • The card must be shown while purchasing goods or availing services from the participating business entities.
  • All special offers and discounts are subject to availability.
  • Scheme member reserve the right to cancel offer at any time without notification.
  • Discounts may be combined with other offers or discounts that are being provided by the participating businesses entities.
  • Lost or stolen cards can be replaced after getting copy of FIR and application on prescribed format.
  • The card is valid only till the validity period mentioned in the card.
  • It is not an identity card.
Sample of NRI Card

What are the prerequisites for applying for an NRI Card?

Below is the list of prerequisites for applying for an NRI card:

  • Scanned copy of Applicant's Passport Details (First and last pages).
  • Applicant's Passport Size Photograph.
  • Scanned copy of Applicant's Signature.
  • Applicant's Current Address.
  • Applicant's Address of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Applicant's Identification Mark (if any)
  • Credit/Debit Card OR Net Banking Account Details for Online Payment (500 Rs.)

How to apply for NRI Card?

Registered NRIs can login on using their username (Email Address used while registration) and password and then apply for NRI Card. If you are not registered on this website then you have to first registered on website and then only you can apply for the NRI Card.

After login into the system on user's dashboard there is an option like apply for NRI Card.

NRI Card Dashboard

So once user will click on the Apply for NRI Card icon then system will display the pop up with the terms and conditions for NRI Card.

Apply For NRI Card

Once user will click on that system will redirect him to the new page where user has to fill the NRI Card related information. Also it is required to upload Passport Size photograph, Signature, Passport's front and last page images as per the recommended size given into the website.

NRI Card Application

And if user will click on "Same as Present Contact Information” then system will automatically fetch the details that user has filled earlier while registration.

So once user will fill all the details properly and press Submit then user will get the confirmation popup message on screen that means that details has been submitted in to the system and now user can go for Online Payment by clicking on "Click here for Payment” Button. It will redirect user to payment gateway page where user can pay 500 Rs. online for NRI Card by using Credit Card/Debit Card or Net Banking etc...(As per the options given by BillDesk Payment Gateway).

Click Here For Payment

Once user will click on button then system will redirect user to bill desk where user will get option for pay online as per the options given by Bill desk.

Pay By Cradit Card

Once user will make the payment then system will redirect user to application page with status (I.e Payment is done successfully or not with proper reason)

Track Your Appliction and Dashboard

I.e If payment get failed then system will display the reason and you can track your application by clicking on Track your application's button

After filling Application for NRI Card should I Pay later?

Once user has applied for NRI Card and due to any reason if user was not able to make the payment and if user want to pay now for his/her request then user has to log in into the system and needs to click on "View NRI Card Status” from Dashboard.

Once user will click on View NRI Card Status then system will re-direct user to new window where user will get the button "Pay Now” that will redirect user to BillDesk Payment Gateway Page where user has to pay 500 Rs for his/her NRI Card request by using Credit Card/Debit Card or Net banking etc... (As per the options given by BillDesk Payment Gateway).

Pay Now

What is the process to receive the NRI Card after user has already applied for NRI Card?

Once user will make online payment then system will forward his/her NRI Card application's request to Department for further process.

And whatever the action taken by the department user will get an email for the same and he can also check his status by clicking on "View Status” after login on website

Once department will approve user's NRI Card Application's then user can print his/her NRI Card after login.

What is the process for retrieve the password?

If user forgot his password then he has to click on forgot password then system will ask for his Registered Email Address

Forgot Password

Once user will fill the appropriate Email Address then system will send the link to user's registered email address.

Click below Link For Reset Your Password

And once user will click on that link then user will redirect to new window where user will be able to enter the new password with given criteria.

Enter New Password

You have successfully registered with UP NRI Portal Use below ref. number for any communication related registration

After login in to this Portal you will get option for obtaining UP NRI Card

Click here to Login