Advantage Uttar Pradesh

Advantages of UP

Source: * Department of Infrastructure and Industrial Development

Key Strength

Large skilled workforce

Large skilled workforce
  • 57 Universities
  • 3104 degree colleges
  • 19430 secondary schools
  • 155,619 primary schools
  • 76,398 high primary schools
  • 97 Technical institutions with an intake capacity of 37,320
  • 2nd highest no. of ITIs / ITCs
  • 3rd highest no. of Colleges in India
  • 3rd highest no. of Polytechnics in India
  • 3rd highest no. of B-Schools in India
  • 4th highest no. of engineering colleges in India

Leading producer of food products

Leading producer of food products
  • 1st Rank in Food Grains Production (20%) in India
  • 1st Rank in Potato Production (34%) in India
  • 2nd largest producer of sugarcane in India
  • Major fruits grown in U.P. - Mango (ranks 1st ), Aonla (ranks 1st)
  • 1st in milk production (17.6%) in India
  • Per capita per day availability of milk in U.P. is 303 grams compared to the national average of 245 grams.

Excellent connectivity by roads, rail & air (including proximity to Int'l Airport)

Excellent connectivity
  • Proximity to Container Freight Stations Dadri with facility of warehousing with good connectivity to major ports in western India, vital for EoU/SEZ.
  • Well connected to major metros through Road, Rail and Air
  • Largest rail network in the country total railway network spanning 8,800 km
  • International Connectivity to Middle Eastern Countries

Largest consumer base with increasing per capita income

Largest consumer
  • Over 200 million people
  • Growing per capita income creating one of the largest consuming class

Conducive industrial relations

Conducive industrial relations
  • Minimal loss of man days on account of industrial strife during the last 30 years.

Third largest hub for MSMEs in country

Third largest hub for MSMEs in country
  • 3rd highest number of micro, medium and small enterprises (MSMEs) in India.
  • With an investment of over USD 35.73 billion, over 175,000 MSME units were set up during the 11th Five Year Plan

Second largest producer of vegetables in the country

  • Uttar Pradesh is the second largest producer of vegetables in the country.
  • It is the largest producer of pointed gourd, peas, potato, muskmelon, watermelon and pumpkin in India.
  • The state is also the third largest producer of sweet potato.

Leading tourist destination

  • Uttar Pradesh is one of the most favoured tourism destinations as the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is located in Agra.
  • The state was ranked second and fourth in terms of domestic and foreign tourists, respectively, in 2013. Nearly 226.5 million domestic and 2.1 million foreign tourists visited the state in 2013.
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