Budget 2014-15

Budget 2014-15
  • Uttar Pradesh Government presented US$ 45,784.2 million Budget for Financial year 2014-15.
  • The state government has allocated US$ 8,184.7 million for power, irrigation, roads and bridges in Budget 2014-15. This is 82 per cent* more provision than that for the last Financial year.
  • The provision towards
    • Education amounts to US$ 6,923.0 million.
    • Welfare of backward classes, handicapped and minorities amounts to US$ 4,253.7 million.
    • Modernisation of Police amounts to US$ 2,066.7.
    • Agriculture and associated services amounts to US$ 1,270.8 million.
    • 300-km Lucknow–Agra six lane expressway project amounts to US$ 546.7 million.
    • Samajwadi Pension Scheme that covers 4 million families amounts to US$ 404.0 million.
    • National Food Security Mission amounts to US$ 29.7 million.
    • Lucknow Metro Rail Project amounts to US$ 15.8 million; and
    • Rural Road Scheme amounts to US$ 8.3 million..

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