Migrant Resource Centre (MRC)

The Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) has been setup in Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh to work as a ‘walk-in’ counselling centre and provide telephone helpline for information dissemination and grievance Redressal of the Non-Resident Indians.


The primary idea behind the establishing MRC is to disseminate information on legal, organized and humane migration; risks involved in the illegal migration and diversify the emigration base by informing intending emigrants about the various opportunities available in the countries across the globe and the entry requirements for the same.

Major Activates of MRC

  • Walk-in counselling for face-to-face interaction and provision of information/ advice on legal and humane migration.
  • Information on available job openings, country of destination, qualification, skill and entry requirements.
  • Information regarding risks of irregular migration in order to empower potential migrants and encourage them to make informed choices.
  • Telephone helpline to provide same information as provided through walk-in counselling to potential migrants.
  • A tie-up with Overseas Workers Resource Centre (OWRC) helpline of MEAExternal website that opens in a new window to operate the MRC helpline.
  • Material dissemination including a basic facts brochure on migration, handbooks, country specific information flyers, press releases, posters, books and short films.
  • Verification Centre: of recruiters, foreign employers, procedures, fees to pay etc based on the data given at website of concern embassies.
  • Centre for provision of pre-departure assistance including visa and travel assistance, language training and cultural orientation.
  • Counselling /Crisis Centre to handle complaints on recruitment and employment contract, first aid remedies to overcome crisis situations involving migrants and their families. MRC will also conduct employment drive with the help of registered Recruitment Agency (RA).
  • Network Centre wherein the MRC will work in close coordination with a network of selected NGOs and other social partners in order to be more effective and reach out to a larger number of migrants.
  • Referral Centre to provide advice on where to go for documentation, certification etc.
  • Address: Migration Resource Center
    POE Office, 3rd Floor, Passport Bhawan, Vipin Khand
    Gomati Nagar, Lucknow, UP-226010
    Phone No., : 0522-4301162
    EMAIL: lucknowmrc@gmail.com
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